We are a small independent studio, with a big and strong soul!

After working under the name of Flaco Studio for a year, we decided it would be time to pay homage to Italian roots and think of a name that no other studio would ever consider. Brutto.

Brutto means "ugly" in Italian and is perhaps the adjective we hear most during a day. Ugly is relative. It exists only because beauty exists, but it is relative. For us what is beautiful is bad and what is bad is beautiful.

At our core, we aspire to transform homes and spaces into havens of quality and creativity. Our mission is simple yet profound: to offer our customers an array of high-quality products and prints that elevate their surroundings. We believe in making art and craftsmanship accessible to all, embracing an ethos of affordability and democratic pricing. By curating a collection that combines excellence with inclusivity, we aim to bring beauty and inspiration to every corner, ensuring that our customers can embellish their spaces with both sophistication and financial sensibility.

How we work

Despite our extensive experience as designers, Brutto.Shop stands as an independent project, driven not by substantial investments but by a shared passion that permeates every aspect of our work. We strive to offer well-designed products at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Our mission is to make our products accessible to all homes and budgets, ranging from prints to items suitable for various environments.

    Our Team

    Our team, primarily consisting of Marco Oggian and Samuel Canay, along with occasional collaborators, crafts all designs featured on the Brutto.Shop page in our studio located in A Coruña, in the north of Spain. We produce our items in limited editions, typically ranging from 500 to 1000 pieces per item. While our fine art prints are meticulously crafted in Spain using FSC certified paper, approximately 80% of our objects are manufactured in China. Consequently, in the event of pre-orders, there might be potential delays as we await the arrival of the goods in our warehouse. Fine art prints, however, are usually dispatched within a week.

    We acknowledge the potential frustration associated with extended waiting periods. Despite successfully delivering over 5,000 shipments on time, occasional delays or disruptions may occur. We are committed to assisting you and kindly request your patience. It's essential to understand that, unlike Amazon, we lack the extensive infrastructure that enables rapid turnarounds.


    • WHO WE ARE

    • Marco Oggian

      Born in 1990 in Venice and raised on Lake Maggiore, Marco currently resides between Spain and Italy. Through the use of simple forms and vibrant colors, his work often highlights controversial social issues, ranging from criticism of the war in Syria back in the
      days to the Black Lives Matter protests.

      A key figure in the development of "True Color Films," one of the most innovative ventures in extreme sports research, since 2020, he has been steering his design studio, "Brutto," focusing on branding, design, and leading advertising campaigns across Europe. Now,
      they are on a transformative journey, evolving Brutto into a product design brand with a focus on democratic pricing. Their goal is to make their products accessible to all pockets, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

      Over time, he has seized the opportunity to broaden his artistic horizons through collaborations with renowned international companies such as Nike, Zara, Apple, Vogue, Samsung, Qeeboo, and Campari.

      His artistic footprint extends beyond canvas and screens, as his works have found a place in over 40 books on design, branding, illustration, and typography. Some of his projects grace the walls of galleries in cities like Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, New York, Seoul, Turin, and Tokyo.

    • Samuel Canay

      Samuel Canay is a creative designer from A Coruña, Spain. During these years he has been in charge of Art Direction, visual research, and graphic design in projects all around the world. Currently working at Brutto Studio, Marco Oggian and 6IXT4OUR.

      During his studies at EASD Pablo Picasso, he founded “We Are Sarto”, an artistic collective that seeks to promote the artistic and design scene of Galicia. From events, online content, exhibitions, live music… In a context of creation associated with commercial ties, SARTO emerges as an ecosystem of creation with no pretext other than the exaltation of creative freedom. Giving shape to a collaborative cultural movement.

      With a great interest in electronic music from an early age, Samuel has had a musical background that pushed him to start mixing music. Generating interactions between different disciplines, from design, music, or fashion.

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